Ein El Sukhna


List of Projects and Achievements


 Communications happens between the association and officials at the MOHP and Ministry of tourism and El Suez governorate to receive water from El Koraimat line passing in front of the touristic villages. A meeting will be set with the head of the water company Dr. Abdelkawy Khalifa parallel with contacts made with Suez governor who said that upon activating the line connecting 10th of Ramadan city with the endustrial zone the West of Gulf of Suez, it is expected to have water during the month of August 2004. 


 Note: The 10th of Ramadan pipe
line is not finished up till now.


Administration of Environmental Issues


 Minister of tourism and Suez governor have been addressed to let the coastal road from el Sukhna
hotel in the north till El Zafarana in the south, be limited on private cars, taxis and tourism buses
and detour the trucks and trailers except those that serve the touristic area in order to save the
environment in the area. There is ongoing effort to set an appointment with the minister of
environment to invite him to lunch at Ramada Hotel to discuss environmental problems that face
investors and how to solve them.

International Airport to serve Tourism
On going follow up from officials on studies that are taking place to establish this project that is
needed by the touristic area of el Sukhna.
Building a model Hospital to serve the Tourists of the area
Connections are being done with the responsible officials to search for a practical, suitable solution
for this problem, where the non existence of proper medical care effects the size of international
tourism that is expected in this area.
A letter was sent to Suez official medical care center, after the modernization of the Suez main
hospital and equipping it with the most modern medical equipment, to get analytical information
about how to contract with the hospital and the cost needed to serve medically the workers in the
touristic projects in Ein El Sukhna , in order to inform the investors and members in the association.
Decision of Ministries Committee no 2908 year 95
Ongoing follow up on trials set by some investors-members of the association- in addition on
working on negotiating with officials for reducing the taxes on the touristic projects in the area of
the association or working on totally canceling any kind of taxes on any project within the
association area.
A meeting was held with the Suez governor and the minister of tourism , also talking were done
with the president of the public organization for touristic development, about some problems that
faced some investors while executing their projects, from view of interference of the Antiquities
organization by stopping their projects and preventing their continuity, so talking where done in
order to solve the problems and set their relationship in a proper order.

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