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  Touristic Capabilities of Ein El Sukhna    

Environmentalists see a great chance in making Ain El Sukhna a model resort area, one that is ecologically sound and where environmental protection has a high regard and is properly heeded. Under Law 4 of 1994,any tourism Project is subjected to strict rules and regulations aimed at protecting the environment . Although it was legislated four years earlier, the law came into effect on April 1,1998. Experts and officials from the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and TDA conduct the necessary studies and surveys to ensure compliance .These deal with the project's location, size, capacity, pre-construction activities, the plan, methods, tools and materials of construction ,operation and maintenance, personnel, specifications of infrastructure and utilities, emissions ,methods of solid waste management, plans for the sewage system and sources of potable water supply . It also covers ecological and demographic conditions ,the socio-cultural background investments needed outside the side, and many other elements and factors. The ministry also secures protections for the various species of indigenous flora and fauna,the coral reefs,and the quality of air,soil and sea water.
With such generous packages…it's a government that means business . The government has made it a top policy priority to encourage the private sector, both local and international, to invest in the various sectors of production and service and play a greater role in developing the national economy. To that end, the government offers investors a range of incentives, exemptions and facilities. For tourism projects in such areas as Ain El Sukhna / Zafarana that are designated as desert zones, it offers the following:
1. Ten-year profit tax holiday starting the fiscal year that follows inception of operation .
2. The profit tax holiday may be extended for five years upon approval by the Council of Ministers.
3. Exemption from stamp duty on project capital .
4. Exemption from stamp duty and notarization requirement for all construction contracts up to the date on which the project is implement.
In addition, the TDA provides investors with lands for their projects whenever on the beach or behind the coastal road, at concessionary prices and attractive payment arrangements that include a three- year grace period. TDA, in coordination with other government agencies and authorities, also makes every effort possible to smooth over and remove any snags or obstacles that may face investors.









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