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By mid 1998,there were nine hotels in the area of Ain El Sukhna and Zafarana operating with a total capacity of 1,600 rooms,mostly of two and three star levels.When hotels and resorts under construction are completed by the year 2002,these numbers will increase to 20 hotels and 3,500 rooms with four and five star hotels representing about 20 percent.By the year 2012,the area is expected to encompass some 40 hotels and 7,000 rooms.
At present there is one roadside restaurant in Zafarana,which caters mostly to road travelers,and two fuel and service stations in Ain El Sukhana.By the year 2002,it is predicted that there will be six restaurants and cafeterias on the road and five fuel stations.Other service and recreation projects such as playgounds,sports courts,water game parks and shopping centers are also in the pipeline.The future plan drawn by TDA for the area through the year 2017 provides for diving it into seven tourist centers that comprise a total of about 10,000 hotel rooms and integrated services and utilities for each center.These include water desalination and sewage plants,energy stations, telecommunications,medical services,shopping areas other necessary services,These seven centers,which are separated by natural buffer zones,are :

1.Ain El Sukhna, with 1,500 rooms on the beach area and 500 rooms in the rear area (behind the road).
2. Galala, with 800 rooms in the anterior area and 200 rooms in the posterior one.
3. Northern Abul-Dorg, with 1,000 beach-area rooms and 500 rooms in the mountainside resorts. This center will extend further into the desert area and Wadi Kuthaib for safaris, adventure excursions, and desert resorts.
4.Southern Abul-Dorg, with 1,200 rooms around the beachfront area. The area's beaches stand out for their rocky hills and rare rock formations and shapes.
5. El-Houri, with 1,500 beach area rooms.
6. El- Gureifat, with 1,300 rooms on the beach area.
7. Northern Zafarana, with 1,000 rooms around the beachfront area.






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